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In 5 mins or less you can now buy auto-insurance in Nigeria

Kola Oyeneyin leads a group of folks that just launched MyAutoGenius, a way for automobile owners in Nigeria to buy genuine insurance in 5 mins or less using their computer or their mobile devices.

I have known and interacted with Kola Oyeneyin for some years now. I once spoke on the same platform with him at a private school in Lagos, where we were asked to speak on how parents can protect their kids against the dangers lurking on social media.

If I were to buy a car right now, I will have to ask my friends who are car owners already how they obtained their car insurance and probably use the same guy they used. There’s the probability that they might have used #OneGuyLikeThat. This can increase my chance of buying fake insurance and being unable to get any claim if anything happens to my car.

MyAutoGenius is a solution by Venia Technologies designed to make the process of comparing and buying the cheapest and authentic insurance possible in Nigeria.

Would this invention kick of? Would the technology behind it function properly? If they’re using one of the payments we already know about in Nigeria that are a hit and miss, won’t they be plagued with the same issues affecting some Nigerian businesses that have implemented online sales and purchase of goods and services?

As soon as they make this service go live on Monday 12 noon, I’d like to do a review of this service 6 months later to see how the technology is able to hold up. It is a product I’m excited about. I am containing my excitement now because I want to see how the technology will hold up.

The press release from Venia Technologies:

With 15.5 million cars in Lagos alone and over 14% of cars on Nigerian roads uninsured or driving with fake insurance policies, there has always been a gap to access an insurance intermediary channel that will provide the advantage of convenience, speed and authentic insurance covers in real-time.

So, on Thursday 16th of October, 2014, six of the leading Insurance Companies in Nigeria along with the National Insurance Commission and Hightower Insurance Brokers were present at Eko Hotel & Suites in Victoria Island, Lagos to launch – Nigeria’s first online insurance comparison platform that promises to provide car owners across Nigeria with auto insurance policies within 5 minutes. All insurance policies bought on web or mobile sites will also be uploaded instantly on Nigeria Insurance Database (NIID), by Hightower Insurance Brokers Ltd (The brokerage company behind AutoGenius), to guarantee its authenticity.

Demoing live at the launch, Mr. Kola Oyeneyin who is the CEO of Venia Technologies Ltd (owners of, demonstrated to the audience how fast and easy it was for anyone to now log on to, search, compare insurers and buy their car insurance covers available from the leading Insurance players in Nigeria within 5 minutes. Customers can also report claims real-time online. The A-List insurance partners who will first be showcasing their auto-policies through include AIICO Insurance, Custodian & Allied Insurance, Leadway Assurance, NEM Insurance, Royal Exchange Plc. & Sovereign Trust Insurance.

The Deputy Director of the Nigerian Insurance Commission - Mr. Segun Farinu who represented the National Insurance Commissioner Mr. Fola Daniel, also stated that the entire Insurance Industry in Nigeria is excited about an expected positive impact that technology would have in this sector especially with initiatives like He said that the seriousness of the Insurance Industry was evident on the day as all partners have come out in full support of the transformation drive embarked on by the team at AutoGenius evident in the room by the presence of the Managing Directors of the insurance on the new platform.

Mr. Onyeka Akumah, the lead Marketing & Communications Consultant at AutoGenius also explained that leading up to the launch, the marketing team created hashtag #OneGuyLikeThat to ask Nigerians about their ‘One-Guy-Like-That’ experience in general and as it concerned auto insurance. This campaign had the hashtag #OneGuyLikeThat trend on Twitter across Nigeria for 5 consecutive days, saw over 34 mascots wearing the t-shirts with #OneGuyLikeThat across major roads in Lagos thereby making it one the biggest social media activation campaigns by any new brand entering Nigeria in 2014. With over 204,285 Nigerians reached in 7 days of starting off the campaign, there was a lot of buzz and expectation to the launch of AutoGenius in other to understand what exactly Nigerians were to expect from the platform.

Other AutoGenius partners who were well represented at the event and support the platform with added advantages for users who will purchase their auto-insurance policies through the platform includes AA Rescue, and OANDO Marketing Plc which had Mr. Mobolaji Bamiro representing its CEO – Mr. Yomi Amobokun.

In concluding the event, Mr. Kola Oyeneyin made mentioned that the will be going live by 12 noon on Monday 20th, October, 2014. However, the first 1000 visitors to the website who registered their details on before the website goes live will stand a chance of winning a brand new Hyundai Elantra Car.

It’s certainly an amazing time in the insurance industry and with the launch of and a few more products on the platform; we may be experiencing a new phase of techsurance in Nigeria.

What Porn Does To The Mind and Kids

I was exposed to porn at a tender age. I was in high school. Some of my classmates brought porn magazines to school and I enjoy looking through it. I was a teenager then.

At home, I would never be allowed to watch a movie where a man and a woman kissed, let a lone watch pornography. We never had a VCR player, just our National black and white TV. My parents did their best to protect us. This was in 1995 to 1998. Internet was not as common or available on mobile phones as we have it now.

It is a different ball game today. Pornography is not just available on VCD/DVDs, but they are freely distributed on the internet and anyone can access it.

What does porn do to the human mind? Watch this TED Video. I completely agree with the speaker—porn fills the mind with fantasy. Like wrestling, porn is staged, an act and not the real thing.

Porn is not sex education for kids. Kids won’t be able to know the difference. I was too afraid of my parents to experiment with sex.

Parents have the responsibility to protect their kids against the effect of pornography. Porn influences pop culture. Many of the musical videos are like porn with clothes on. They are half dressed with sexually suggestive dance moves.

Should adult view porn?

This conversation will bring some form of division when we start discussing it. I have heard couples say they watch porn to improve their sex lives. But if we look at how the actors of porn are sort, w’ll see that they dehumanize women, men and even kids.

Porn dehumanizes. It is not the real thing. It distorts sex and should be avoided by both adults and kids.

This won’t stop the production of porn movies though. It is a huge industry and the demand for it is huge. But as a parent and someone that wants to build an emotionally safe relationship, porn should be avoided.

I personally avoid porn for the reasons I have stated above and because I know God frowns upon it. Sex is for husbands and wives and it is sacred.

Shooting in auto mode (top). Shooting in manual (below).

I was able to capture and bring to focus the clock display on the Nokia Lumia 920 while shooting in manual below. 

At the top, I was shooting in auto and the camera chose not to bring to focus the clock displayed on the Nokia Lumia 920.

My eyes have just been opened to the benefit of shooting in manual modes. You can vary the exposure triangles (aperture, ISO and shutter speed) as you like.

You don’t read about the exposure triangle and then master using them. You can only master it by shooting pictures in manual modes and experimenting. 

Let the learning begin. I’m just scared that I’ll start longing for a proper pro camera soon. Very soon.
Spirit testing.

I saw a man at the mall that was giving me tutorial at the wine section. Black Label. Blue Label. Gold Label.

He said, folks shouldn’t use salary to buy wine, but use only the left overs. What he said.

WHO: FAQ about Ebola #pdf

Inform yourself about Ebola. Download #pdf

Teach me how to breathe without breaking


Teach me how to breathe without breaking
I am tired from holding myself straight
from trying not to inhale too deeply
lest air stab me in the chest.
I am tired of trapping soul in blood and bones, so
teach me quick,
I am running out of breath.

It can be very tiring at times. It is allowed to be tired. But we need strength so that we don’t tire out.
What do you keep in your wallet? Where do you keep your wallet? on Flickr.What do you keep in your wallet? Where do you keep your wallet?

What do you keep in your wallet? Where do you keep your wallet? on Flickr.

What do you keep in your wallet? Where do you keep your wallet?

Fourpoint by Sherston Hotel.   #vscocam #vscoarchitecture on Flickr.Fourpoint by Sherston Hotel. 
#vscocam #vscoarchitecture

Fourpoint by Sherston Hotel. #vscocam #vscoarchitecture on Flickr.

Fourpoint by Sherston Hotel.

#vscocam #vscoarchitecture

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